My name is Sid Sanghvi, and this is my digital address.

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Projects, Past and Present

Don't Fall Through The Cracks!

A book that covers all things education system.

From the history of structured learning to the pitfalls of today's schooling system to how one may navigate said pitfalls.

I began writing this book when I was 20, after spending 2 frustrating decades in school.

The goal being to address the ubiquity of misinformation about the very system we subject our youth to.


The Story of Everything

An online course that covers the events that took place in this universe, since the beginning of time.

I fundamentally believe that everybody needs to be aware of the large scale phenomena that take place in the world, in order to appreciate the little things in life.

This video course is my attempt to help, at least, one more person achieve the same transformation I experienced.



Writings on a variety of topics, ranging from science, technology, and philosophy to productivity and habits to everything in between.

The purpose being to keep me accountable such that I don't waste time.

In a nutshell, the writings represent an individual's journey of trying to make his hopes and dreams a reality.

The primary theme being: The evolution of my understanding of myself and the world.


Reading List

This list contains books that I have read + personal interpretations/ratings of them.

Feel free to duplicate the spreadsheet and save it on your drive for personal use.

Once doing so, I recommend bookmarking it on your bookmark bar for rapid access.

Hope it helps!